Mosul: suspicion and hostility cloud fight to recapture Iraqi city from

At the bottom of a hill near the frontline with Islamic State fighters, the Iraqi army had been digging in. Their white tents stood near the brown earth gouged by the armoured trucks that had carried them there – the closest point to Mosul they had reached before an assault on Iraq’s second largest city.

For a few days early last month, the offensive looked like it already might be under way. But that soon changed when the Iraqis, trained by US forces, were quickly ousted from al-Nasr, the first town they had seized. There were about 25 more small towns and villages, all occupied by Isis, between them and Mosul.

And 60 miles to go.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I favor the Kurds. They stand and fight.

    • I am not sure anyone is an Arab/Muslim ally in the ME.

  • Nuke it from orbit.

  • simus1

    Americans have never fully come to grips with the hot potato reality of “three iraqs” nor the fact that their training doctrines are at odds with arab tribalism and class structure. If a carefully paced coherent long term plan had started two decades ago and had been stuck to no matter what …………. Or even more simply, had someone had the wit to say back when, “Let’s figure out what the Russians would do in a mess like this and do that.”