Islamophobia!! “Professional anti-Semite” Dieudonné denied entry to Canada

That’s Racist!

Dieudonné Jew Hater

Dieudonné Jew Hater

  • WalterBannon

    Dieudonné’s anti-Semitism is well documented and includes inventing the “quenelle”, a reverse Nazi salute.

    Obama likes to give that salute to his fellow African tyrants.

    My only question, when is Justin Turdeau putting him in his cabinet?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    How do you pronounce that clown’s name?

    • Douchebag

    • marty_p

      John (I am in the closet) Moore on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto says it’s pronounced DOO Dough Nay

      • Drunk_by_Noon


  • African

    This is good news! Never allow him in!

    • T.C.

      But all those imams (sp?) get to stay here and bleat on about evil juice in their mosqueterias on Friday nights. When do they go?

  • The Butterfly

    OMG what happened to our Canadian values?

    • Raymond Cameron

      Acording to Justin we now have post-Canadian values, whatever it means to him…

  • Jay Currie

    Disgusting as the man is, this is an ugly precedent.

    I think the man should be booed off the stage and protested everywhere he goes but I don’t want the Canadian government refusing entry to people with whom it disagrees. We know where that leads – Pam Geller, Robert Spenser, Geert Wilders, Hell, Donald Trump – may offend the delicate sensibilities of the Islamophile left and be turned away.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I agree with you and it is a valuable intelligence tool to see who will go to see him perform.

  • andycanuck

    Wasn’t it ‘fascism’ when Harper did this to a few (one?) pro-terror @sshole/s? I look forward to the Star either condemning the Clown Prince for this or running a headline saying the Feds or the Border Service has done this and (obviously) not Justin.

  • ismiselemeas

    This souteneur pathétique
    has made a career out of pulling the wool over the establishment’s
    eyes. His fellow travelers in the French Football League (hardly
    a repository of higher thought) have adopted the quenelle
    wholeheartedly , demonstrating that by pandering to the lowest common
    denominator he has been able to have that odious little gesture accepted into French main
    stream culture. It would be interesting to see if the community group that hired him was funded in any way.

  • Maxsteele

    Obviously the MSM is not interested in this story, can you dig further and find out who the scum bags were that invited and booked him? So we can boycott them also.

  • k1962

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow!