CBC apologizes to Kathryn Borel over handling of Jian Ghomeshi complaint

Ha! The CBC Invented Rape Culture!

Don Messer's Rape Culture Jubilee on CBC

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I need to check out their albums.

    • My Dad owned a bunch, one day my older brother broke them all.

  • Reader

    Oscar Brand used to have a show on CBC but he didn’t sing his most popular songs on television for some reason. Here is one such popular song:

  • Spatchcocked

    The stories I could tell….if I wanted to….whore stories….I tell you it would curl your pubic hairs…..and turn them white…overnight!(that’s Lord Byron)

    Where was I? Oh yes…it was an Istanbul whorehouse and an Istanbul whore….where the bovine darling called home I Dinna know…..but she was fat and perfunctory ie laying on her back with a clutch of toilet paper in her paw….which of course aroused me no end.
    I was a young fool…dumb and full of cum.

    Well….I married her…just bullshitting you!

    I should mention the Turks God rot them wholly and enthusiastically……..like the fatties…plus the dears fee was 50 cents American…..and I did NOT tip!

    Anyway I’ll bring my sad story of folly and indiscretion to an end let me give you the denoument…..I possess an overlarge penis of some 11 inches in length and exhibit over 300 ml at each discharge…I have had women literally blasted off my cock by the force of my ejaculation….some have been hospitalised….one I am assured is still stuck to the ceiling in Athens….her family come every day to feed her pap….with a spoon…a long spoon of course.

    So….the whorehouses in Istanbul were in one quarter and were policed by the Turkish navy all carrying carbines…my inamorata left after her rogering to sluice out her sugar scoop and I pissed in her bidet…I was full of drugs and booze yer honour….she returns….screams…call the carabiners and a dozen loser horny penniless schmucks in the hallway and ……

  • Spatchcocked

    …..what happened next is up there with the Matilda Briggs and the giant rat of Sumatra…

  • simus1

    Where is Fred?

    There was a story that they were all so plastered “once” that fearing a drunk driving rap could be the end result, Fred was assisted to the driver’s seat and was enthusiastically coached to slowly drive back to their waiting accommodations. The logic being that how could any cop cite a blind man for driving drunk?
    Don apparently bore many heavy crosses.


  • DavidinNorthBurnaby


  • Frances

    Let’s all join Flanders and Swan in “Have some Madeira my dear”.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Just saying…