Twitter bars spy agencies from buying bulk user data from analytics firm

Twitter has blocked US spies from buying bulk data on its users from a data analytics company.

Until now, US national security agencies, including the FBI and CIA, had been able to query treasure troves of Twitter data through software from Dataminr, the New York-based analytics company in which Twitter owns a 5% stake. Agents could enter search terms such as “Isis” or “jihad” and view more tweets, over a longer period, than what a standard Twitter search would offer, people familiar with the process said.

Apparently not wanting to seem too close to US spies, Twitter has blocked any future such sales, the company confirmed on Monday. Twitter maintains the power to veto Dataminr’s contracts with its customers, typically news organizations and financial analysts.

  • BillyHW

    They would give all the server passwords to operate in China.

    Heck Tim Cook would give the back door of every iPhone out there for a little Chinese boy.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Better headline: Twitter announces it no longer gets paid for what US intelligence agencies are getting from it.