Revealed: Theresa May orders shake up of maritime border force, as police fear Afghan terrorists plotting attacks on London landmarks are on the run

An Isil-linked terror cell exploited migrant routes in to Europe to plot terror attacks on the UK, police fear, as Theresa May ordered a shake-up of Britain’s coastal defences.

The group photographed suspected targets in London, including hotels, restaurants and a health centre and may have planned to slip attackers in through Calais.

The alleged plot was unearthed after two Afghan men and a Pakistani man were arrested in Italy on Tuesday.

They had been granted refugee status in the country meaning they would have been able to take advantage of Europe’s open borders to move freely around the continent.

They are part of a suspected five-man cell, of which at least one was in London in December potentially scouting targets.

  • Alain

    Perhaps the new mayor of London is the one potentially scouting targets. This would also be the same Theresa May who banned Spencer and Geller, would it not? Someone should let her know that it is much too late to close the stable doors as the horses have all bolted already.

  • mauser 98

    horse left barn

  • Gary

    Wow. 15 months ago we saw ISIS in a Video telling the West that was exactly what they planned to do to get their Jihadists into those Nations to do terrorism.

    Can she really be this stupid on top of acting like she wants to take the credit for this near-disaster ????

    Typical brain-dead left-wing extremest that won’t deal with the muslim terrorists in the Country right NOW but somehow want to look smart stopping future jihadists coming in .

    It’s the Quran stupid .

  • Shebel

    Islam is Peace

  • xavier

    So the preparations for the Moslem blitzkerig/Tet offensive begins