Mohammedan Mayor Of Londonistan With Known Terror Ties Says Trump Ignorant Of His Murderous Death Cult

Sadiq Khan accuses Donald Trump of making the world ‘less safe’ because of his ‘ignorant view of Islam’

London’s new Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan today accused Donald Trump of making both the UK and the US ‘less safe’ because of his ‘ignorant view of Islam’.

The astonishing attack came despite the Republican presidential candidate offering to exempt Mr Khan from his plan to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

What an ungrateful prick!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Don’t exempt him!
    Make the bastard wait in line like the rest.
    Besides, who is to say that they Mayor of London will pass vetting, because on the surface, it seems he would not.

    • The usual suspects luv him.

    • Alain

      A ban on Muslims must include all including this POS.

  • The Butterfly

    How is it that someone can be ‘totally ignorant’ of Buddhism (or any other religion for that matter) and yet not make the world less safe?

  • Alain

    More great PR for Trump.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump’s campaign people should compile these statements by Muslim sheiks and politicians and put them into political ads. His voter support would rise.

  • Hillary the Muslim Whore was quick to kiss Jihad Khan’s ass.

    • Alain

      No doubt wee Justin has ants in his pants to get another selfie with Khan too.

  • bob e

    trump should invite him to the states then throw him off the
    freedom tower for (allegedly) being gay ..

    • Justin St.Denis

      Is he? Mayor Nenshi of Calgary is a swishy queen. Perhaps they will get together and play with one another’s explosive devices.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He just got elected mayor and this is the fight he’s going to spend all his effort on? Funny as shit, London and I hope you’re happy with this fucktard loon.

  • Dana Garcia

    Bad choice, Don. Better to block the jihad-inclined mayor of Londonistan.

    But it’s okay to welcome the friendly King Abdullah of Jordan who appeared on Star Trek some years back.

  • DVult

    That sure sounds like one of the veiled threats puslum apologists are so fond of.

  • Editor

    2864 islamic terror attacks in 2015, resulting in over 50,000 injured or killed. Yeah sadiq, you’re the enlightened one and the rest of the world is ignorant. The hypocricy is breathtaking!

  • Justin St.Denis

    This is just the first among a deluge of pronouncements to come from Sadiq Khan. Pakistani males are genuinely weird little blowhards, but give them a political success and their brains start to explode. Sadiq will no doubt be sharing his views on other U.S. presidential candidates, the Brexit referendum, French politicians, international trade, terorism etcetera…. Pakis are as dependable as they are splody.

  • ontario john

    I can see the new bylaws coming for London. Blasphemy laws, women must wear bags over their heads, pubs must close, and trains to take Jews to special camps in the country.

    • seneca III

      There aren’t going to be any trains in London in a couple of years. The Muslim poison dwarf has already indicated that he intends to replace the tewwibly, tewwibly white wacist Board of Transport for London with a more efnic wepwisentation.
      Consequently wise investors will soon be putting their money into the donkey breeding industry and the heterosexual sex industry will soon being going out of business unless it can quickly find a renewable source of young female goats.
      The homosexual element will continue as normal – or at least those of them that manage to avoid being thrown off of tall buildings or are ‘married’ to a Muslim shirt lifter with good connections.
      All in all these are interesting times for what few normal beings manage to escape.
      Just sayin’ 🙂 .

  • Ed

    “…He added: ‘Donald Trump and those around him think that western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam – London has proved him wrong.’

    Hmmm… can we agree to let him over here when they agree to let Pam Geller over there?