Lawyer says ‘outrageous’ RCMP grilling violated London tax hacker’s rights

The London teenage computer genius made it clear from the beginning of his RCMP interrogation that he had called his lawyer and was advised not to say anything.

For the next several hours during an interrogation that his lawyer said was in breach of his constitutional rights — and is being investigated by the complaints branch of the RCMP — Stephen Solis-Reyes, then 19, was asked if he was a terrorist who wanted to sell the data to “a terrorist country,” a pedophile, a coward, a serial killer, a sociopath and a psychopath, all while being denied a bathroom break.

“You’re so deep in caca right now, you don’t, I don’t even think you can realize this,” RCMP Cpl. Eric Demers said to Solis-Reyes during the long interview at London police headquarters after his arrest in the Heartbleed hacking case.

“I wanna make sure you realize in how much trouble you are.