Manchester: Muslim Police Chief Says ‘Offending Culture, Religion And Tradition’ Not Protected As Free Speech

Chief Inspector Umer Khan made the statement on social media this weekend, and was immediately questioned by alarmed free speech campaigners.

He then apologised to those defending the right to be offensive for any “offence cause”, and argued that, “free speech should be used to promote tolerance & respect all.”

“[The statement regarding free speech] was a thought after a moving visit to Auschwitz”, he added.

When asked if Mr. Khan and the police force generally support the right to offend religious beliefs, the Greater Manchester Police press office told Breitbart London: “I don’t think we support anyone who would want to say anything offence[sic]”.

He’s been in the news before. ‘Race row cop loses job battle‘ and ‘Cop checked files on killer brother’. His brother was later convicted of an honour murder.

  • Good work digging up the dirt on this guy Mamba! It shows exactly where he stands, as usual a Muslim 5th Columnist.

  • Ed

    Cops generally struggle to understand that WE set the rules, not them…

  • politicallynaive

    You allow the camel’s nose under the tent than this is what will you get…

  • vimy

    So how the hell did he ever become Inspector General?

    • Alain

      Affirmative action no doubt.

    • Millie_Woods

      How did Sadiq Khan become mayor of London? Britain has gone farther down the Islamic rabbit hole than any other western country. And Christ knows how deep they’ve sunk their hooks in the military.

      • Alain

        I think the how is easy. Replace the population with the type who will vote for the agenda, marry that with corruption and voter fraud and there you have it. The same game is happening right now in Canada with the majority of people asleep and of course no politician willing to address it.

  • Martin B

    Is it too much to expect Chief Inspectors and police press offices in England to be familiar with basic English grammar?

  • pdxnag

    Since Islam and Muslims are duty bound to routinely give offense nearly non-stop they must obviously be the first target for the suppression of giving offense.