Why New ‘Diversity’ Efforts On Campuses Will Fail

Two top psychologists have published a lengthy essay in The Wall Street Journal warning costly new efforts to promote racial diversity on college campuses are likely to increase, not decrease, racial tensions and animosity.

Lee Jussim of Rutgers University is an expert on prejudice and stereotypes, while Jonathan Haidt of New York University is an expert on moral psychology. Haidt also co-authored last year’s immensely popular “The Coddling of the American Mind,” an article in The Atlantic about growing efforts to protect American university students from being offended by alternative viewpoints. Together, they have written a new piece, “Hard Truths About Race on Campus,” which engages with the wave of demands made by Black Lives Matter groups at schools across the country.

Behold “Triggly Puff,” aka Cora Segal, social justice warrior

Behold “Triggly Puff,” aka Cora Segal, social justice warrior

  • Another WSJ article of some importance is this one- The virtue of Hard Things http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-virtue-of-hard-things-1462313591

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    This completely misses the point. The ‘goal’ of all of this is no actual tangible goal. The only point to any of this is more anger and chaos, more demands, more childish screaming. That’s the ONLY point to any of this. No effort to change anything can or will change anything because non one wants anything TO change or, if it does change it’s irrelevant because all they want to do is scream and yell.

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