“We can’t hold this with two people” – New footage of Cologne “Refugee Rapefest” surfaces

‘You mustn’t touch me, you mustn’t touch me’: New footage of Cologne New Year sex attacks shows screaming woman as overwhelmed police struggle to control crowds of migrant men

  • Martin B

    Coming soon to a Canadian city near you.

    • Yes it is.

    • lolwut?

      Already happens.

      Caribana or whatever they call it now in Toronto
      and of course the last night of the CNE. otherwise known as “Black Monday” to those who work it.

      The reason the CNE is no longer open to Midnight on the last day is
      because of the blacks..

      Sexual assaults were even pretty common on Centre Island when I worked
      there in the 80’s. All the rides at Centreville needed a cop to keep watch
      when the party moved over to Olympic island for the day.

    • Gary

      Agree. The Police already cover-up the honour-killings and quran inspired/sanctioned pedophilia .

      We now have a Diversity PR scheme set-up by the Politicians where each minority Cop is parachuted into their Ghetto among THEIR people to make for a good Tourism Poster or pre-Election Photo-OP at Street Festivals or Parades.
      The Height Standard age of 25 was tossed on the Altar of Fairness and Diversity. So now we have Mini-Cops that can be as young as 21 while being given a gun while 90% of the crooks are bigger than them which explains the Huge $1,000,000,000.00 budget per year and the PTSD crisis for female Cops.

      The msm is not free of blame either as the CBC and STAR censor the News for islamic linked crimes or they just LIE and Make the News that they feel fits the Liberal narrative.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Oddly, with all the faces blurred out, I can’t tell what is what and am finding it hard to give a fuck. I guess this is the proverbial “other side of the coin” of the EU’s privacy laws. Those laws make it hard for me to give a fuck who is doing what to whom since they prevent SHOWING me who is doing what to whom. Pity, I guess…….

  • lolwut?
  • SMC_BC

    Notably, with the police so overwhelmed they could do little to help a woman calling for help, onlooking German men did nothing.

    • Gary

      Reminds me of Petter Sellers in Dr.Strangelove as Mandrake that screams at Kenan Wynne to shoot the coke machine ….”that’s what the bullets are for you twit ”
      Do these Cops not have guns?

  • lolwut?