Russian WW2 Victory Day parade showcases new weapons

Russian armed forces have paraded in central Moscow to mark the 71st anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two.

Some of Russia’s latest military hardware was on show, including the RS-24 Yars long-range nuclear missile.

Fighters, heavy bombers and helicopters flew over Red Square, including types combat-tested in Syria, where Russian aircraft are helping government forces.

The march past included Russia’s new National Guard.

The National Guard will be armed with new AK-74M machine guns and will be tasked with fighting terrorism and organised crime. Those operations are currently the domain of interior ministry Omon and Sobr special forces.

The Parade…

  • Ki

    WHere can I get some of those weapons?
    SInce the State thinks I’m off my nut
    I now can legitimately take the law into my own hands to save my family

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Now, say what you want, that’s a country that takes itself seriously. (Canerduh, I’m looking at *you*).