Bad driving in Canada…

Saskatchewan… Hit and Run

  • simus1

    Poor hitter with erratic follow through but a very good runner.

  • marty_p

    Video was something right out of the Trailer Park Boys

  • See, it’s not always Russia.

  • It’s Saskatchewan — you can see Police coming for miles. You can take your time with a “hit and run”. Especially the “running” part.

  • Denis

    takes 25 minutes to an hour for the RCMP to show up at my place in Saskatchewan.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Yeah, the RCMP should adopt the motto “To serve and protect – belatedly”.

      Some Canadian “institutions” such as the RCMP are beyond useless. Time to face up to such facts and clean up the place.

      • G

        Lived in a very small town in a SK. No cops. Life was fun for the most part. One night though a very drunk … um …”native fellow” decided to enter our house just after supper. He sat right down at the kitchen table and started demanding to see a friend that he thought lived there.

        Then he started to get belligerent. My step-dad was too much of a chickenshit to do anything. (He was French so chickenshit was natural for him).
        My mom called the cops but they said they couldn’t get there in less than 25 minutes. (I guess 25 minutes must be their standard response) — because (get this) it was snowing.

        My mom pretended to offer him a drink. When she and I got close we knocked him off the chair onto the floor. He was too drunk to get up & we dragged him out the door and closed & locked it. After a lot of yelling & pounding on the door he wandered away.

        Thanks for nothing RCMP. You love to strut around in you pretty uniforms & steal guns from flood victims – but real work? Not so much.

    • Alain

      Wow you are lucky and well served. Here you are lucky if they show up 24 hours later. I know since a neighbour experienced a breakin, cops (RCMP) were called and a little 5’2″ gal in Mounty uniform showed up the following day. The neighbour had already dealt with the issue and sent the little gal packing.

  • Minicapt

    And how did Kate explain herself?