Aussie Cat Sheldon Triumphs Over Foe

Don’t let the Cone of Shame fool you, Sheldon was the Victor in a recent Aussie Cat fight according to Human and reader Brett.

A minor wound, the result of a lucky strike by his opponent, unfortunately abscessed necessitating a trip to the vet.

Sheldon is recovering nicely.


  • G

    It’s all fun & games until you lose an eye little fella. (Or your owner has to pay a $1200 vet bill).

    It was a regular old NATURAL cat fight – right?
    I didn’t think that there is such a thing as organized cat fighting , like dog fighting or cock fighting.

    • Cats are just ornery by nature.

      • G

        Ours (Mandy) is an inside cat because she’s got diabetes so we don’t like her roaming.
        The other night she let out a scream like the damned. I thought she was hurt and came running. She was looking out the window by the door screaming at another cat that had wandered up onto our doorstep.

        • They are very territorial. A couple of months back the hallways were being re-done in our condo. This necessitated that our front door be left open. Pip, despite all precautions, made it out to the hallway and we suspect the security guard on duty shooed him to what he assumed was his home, it wasn’t of course.

          All of sudden Pip started with the most plaintive cry’s we have ever heard him utter, he was petrified to come back out into the hallway and was trembling when i found him in the hallway of a neighbors flat.

          When the workmen were doing the plumbing fix, last week our door again had to be open, Pip was terrified to go out and would not even stand to be held anywhere near the open front door with all the activity going on out there.

          Normally when all is quiet and back to normal he likes to take a run in the hall, but the sight of drop cloths triggers him now.

          • G

            poor little guy. On the bright side you know he won’t run away.

          • Maggat

            How did your plumbing fix go?

          • One small hitch, dryer vent tuned out to have been improperly installed during initial building construction, cost us a couple hundred extra to get it fixed as they had to cut the ceiling today to get at it, but it’s better than a fire.

  • Brett_McS

    Haha! Sheldon says thanks for your good wishes!