What Labour needs now is a takeover by real left-wing radicals

Jeremy Corbyn and company’s anti-Semitism crisis is a symptom of a much wider malaise

To say that the Labour party is in crisis because it is ‘too left-wing’ is to miss the point spectacularly. With eyes wide open, and all democratic procedures punctiliously observed, its members have chosen in their tens of thousands to endorse not ‘the left’, but an ugly simulacrum of left-wing politics.

They have gone along with the type of left-winger who flourished in the long boom between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the great recession. The hypocrite who damns oppression, but only if it is committed by western countries. The pseudo-egalitarian who will condemn sexism and homophobia, but not the prejudices of favoured regimes and minorities. The fake anti-racist who will attack the ‘far right’ while echoing the fascist conspiracy theory.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The fix to Labour is carbombs. Figure no more than a hundred.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    There are no legitimate lefty types remaining that are not already Oxbridge Marxists or the Muslims and minorities used to fill out their ranks.
    The working class is all UKIP
    Labour just needs to die.

    • It is a sick collection of racists and assorted other misfits and malcontents.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I living memory, has Labour ever been anything but that?

        • Political parties aren’t entitled to live forever. Have you heard much from the Whigs lately?

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Now that you mention it… I really did like General Winfeld Scott, but hated Whig resistance to ‘manifest destiny’.

          • I tried to find this thing I read recently. It’s satire, along the lines of “look, your concern with immigration and such is threatening to disrupt our Ronald Reagan Memorial Society Cult-cum-national political party, peasants!

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I have more pilgrimages to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library than anyone I know of, and I was quite aware during his entire administration and although a swell guy, he was far from perfect, and drum roll please… Trump could be better than Reagan, and by a lot. Reagan was good, but even at the time, he was seen as less than perfect.

            Yeah, prepare yourselves for 50-years of Trump worship, because it just might happen.

          • Petrilia

            It will. and whatever it is it will be much better than this British disgusting bunch of dessicated Labour lumps. Dead, old shrivelled. Give me a real American like Trump who can rally 20-30 thousand real Americans to give them the bad news about their elites, media and lobbyists and then chart Americans way to recovery. All with humour and real hope, unlike the last guy. His policies are all in his books. He is the real deal and real Americans know it. He has changed the american political landscape and all the pigs in the trough are running for cover.

      • Will Quest

        Yes but that collection is ‘inclusive’ unless you have libertarian { conservative} values……..

    • Scotland has largely abandoned both Labour and the Liberal Democrats. (No, I don’t know what the Lib Dems really are either. But apparently they’ve been popular with the porridge-wogs.) Recently. And I don’t believe for a minute that most Scots actually want independence. Some polls indicate that the English would rather be shot of Scotland than vice versa. Which makes sense if you you look at who’s sending money to whom.

      The Tories are worthless too.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I’m a huge fan of Scottish independence if only because it gets the Scots out of the English Parliament and out of the pockets of the English taxpayer.
        It’s all a GD Ponzi scheme.

        • I know, right!? There’s no English Parliament.
          Still, I’m agin it because I have some sentimental attachment to the notion of Britain. But there’s been relatively little immigration into Scotland. I’m sure they’d prefer to keep it that way. And the school system isn’t as f*cked as England’s is (so I’ve heard).

        • There is the parliament at Westminster. The British parliament. In which Scottish and Northern Irish MP sit as do English MPs.

        • Alain

          Hey, I feel the same about Quebec.

  • Ed

    That’s a “perfect” picture of the left today… a brittle, rapidly aging pushover… so push!

  • Alain

    I suggest it is composed of real left-wing radicals already, just as the Liberals and NDP are in Canada. I am not including the Greens and Communists since it is already a given that they are real left-wing radicals. Sadly now the CPC seems to believe it must ape them.