The Nazi Underground

Is treasure buried beneath the mountains of Poland?

Lower Silesia, in southwestern Poland, is a land of treasure hunters. Until the end of the Second World War, the region—covered by mountains and deep pine forests with towering, arrowlike trees—was part of Germany. In the early months of 1945, the German Army retreated, along with much of the civilian population. The advancing Red Army killed many of the Germans who remained. Nearly all those who survived were later evicted and forced to move west. By the end of 1947, almost two million Germans had been cleared out.

  • Alain

    Yet no special UN organisation was ever formed for these refugees, and surprise, surprise, neither they nor their descendants are still claiming refugee status with non ending international aid.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Boys from Brazil?

  • Gary

    Every time I hear of a Secret tunnel and storage area it makes me wonder if all the people that built it was slaughtered along with those the worked there are were tied to it.
    People talk about the secret underground City build by Politicians that has huge round tunnels connecting cities and were made by huge boring machines.
    Well that’s nice, but not one person on those construction teams or in the Military has come forward , nor any Drafting Expert to built the Plans .

    Secret part of a pyramid and sunken city makes sense because if it was built 1500 year ago there would not be any alive to tell about it.
    The story of the Nazi Gold keeps going and makes for a good Cinema Short or Documentary where they guess where the Gold is .

    Even Alex Jones likes to rant about a Secret Society , which can’t be a secret if he knows about it . Plus they must have Houses and Electrical bills or a Phone along with needing repair to the house or some garden work.
    I can’t believe it that someone goes to the Airport and get a flight to Europe but has no ID or Address and has no friends to vouch for them because it’s a Secret society .

  • simus1

    The expansion of soviet controlled Poland’s borders westward into eastern portions of defeated Germany was matched in the east by Stalin’s annexation of Polish territory and expulsion of the Polish population.

    The nazis had a fetish for using horrifically abused foreign slave labour in the creation of bombproof underground facilities for war production as their defeat grew ever more certain. Whether the real priority was production of war goods or murdering the inmates or a bit of both is unclear.
    When it comes to stolen gold or buried treasure stories throughout the ages, Mark Twain’s oft quoted definition of a gold mine has usually stood the test of time more often than not:

    “A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar close by.”