The Media’s Role in Fueling Anti-Semitism

It is encouraging that the British media for the most part finally seem to be taking the anti-Semitism issue seriously, but there is an air of hypocrisy amidst all the outrage and righteous indignation.

Most anti-Semitism nowadays is expressed through a hatred of Israel, and much of that anti-Zionism stems from the media’s coverage of Israel. Their often overt hostility to Israel, bias, exaggeration of any Israeli misconduct as representative of the country, ignoring context of events, absolving Palestinians of blame, ignoring Palestinians’ anti-Semitic goals, falsely portraying Israel as deliberately killing innocents, and misrepresenting or ignoring the country’s background and history, all fuel the hatred.

  • marty_p

    The Toronto Star (and Crescent) are doing their part.

    The Star plays a little game – Israel and Jews can never do anything right (except for David Mirvish who pays for a lot of advertising – hence Honest Ed’s and Mirvish theatre productions are wonderful)… most of the time the Star is Judenrein – major Jewish religious holiday – find a way to publish an article that makes Jews look bad under the guise of news (e.g. one Jewish family fighting another over a Nazi looted painting makes a fine article in honour of Passover),otherwise they ignore Jews and Judaism altogether.
    Travel section coverage of every country in the world and how wonderful it is to visit except you know where.
    Terrorist kills Israelis – not published in the Star.
    Israel breaks the fingernail of a Palestinian – big news in the Star.
    Contrast that to their coverage of Muslims – everything Mo’s do is wonderful.
    Every Muslim country is a wonderful spot to visit.
    A high percentage of Muslim terrorism ignored or played down or blame is cast on “motivating factors” including Israel and the West.
    They Syrian dictator has murdered, gassed and maimed his population and the Star’s coverage is minimal vs. their coverage of any Israeli-Gaza violence.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I predict that Trump will hold them to account after he’s elected at the latest, if not before.

  • Hard Little Machine

    the only remedy to the NY TImes is to snatch up the top 100 people and disappear them