Stupid, stupid, stupid

Arguing the Fort McMurray fire was caused by man-made climate change and is payback for the oilsands is idiotic on so many levels it’s hard to know where to begin.

First, there’s no scientific evidence for this claim.

It isn’t just that no single weather event can be linked to man-made climate change, it’s that there’s no scientific evidence that man-made climate change is impacting the incidence of forest fires in the Boreal forest that surrounds Fort McMurray.

  • I’m waiting for someone to reveal the environazis started it.

    • canminuteman

      It was probably lighting, which has been causing forest fires since before people were even around. Although it might have been environazis or johnny jihadi.

      • Alain

        If it is true that it started in several different places at the exact same time, it is unlike to have been natural.

      • Exile1981

        No lightening on the day it started. Weather reports stated clear skies.

        I was working in a community last week that recieved a lot of the evacues. Our hotel went from maybe 10-15% occupancy to 100% in a couple hours. I talked to a bunch of them and they all said the fires were miles away and clear sky till the 2 new ones started just outside town and they went from clear skies to smoke and evac order in under 4 hrs.

        Given the # of logging and oilfield roads and quad trails in the area the fires could have started by poorly disposed of cigarettes….. but they didn’t start till the wind picked up and shifted towards town.

    • DMB

      I don’t know if eco terrorists caused it or nature which got out of control. Having said that the location and timing of this fire is very suspicious considering Fort McMurray is at the heart of Alberta’s oil industry. Also this is occurring during a time when the Rachael Notley is extremely hostile to the oil industry not mention the groups, individuals who are pushing an anti oil agenda. Either way this is an eco radical dream come true and Rachel Notley will make it very difficult for Fort McMurray to rebuild.

      • Justin St.Denis

        If anyone has seen recent pics of Notley, you may have noted how she seems to have aged 20 years since becoming premier. Karma can really bite a woman in the cellulite fast!

        • Miss Trixie

          Serves the scrunt right and she deserves EVERYTHING she gets.

        • Exile1981

          The forest fires are giving the media an excuse not to talk about Notley’s budget causing a credit downgrade for Alberta.

    • You never know.

    • Miss Trixie

      I was waiting for the ‘tards to start boasting that this was their forest fire jihad.

      Wait and see … … …

  • Ron MacDonald

    Small forest fires are the normal part of nature. Fire restores nutrients to the soil and gives way for new growth; unfortunately, we’ve been quickly putting them out for the past seventy-five years or more allowing the forest to mature to dangerous levels. The end result are mega fires.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I blame Trump. And the Jews.

    • And Mike Harris.

      • Editor

        Don’t forget the imperialist colonialist capitalist misogynist transphobic extreme right wing racist classist meat-eating climate denier non sustainable patriarchy.

        Wow, I wrote this as a joke but it sounds like an actual SJW rant. Not sure if I should laugh or cry.

        • Justin St.Denis

          I share your bewilderment. It DID sound like genuine SJW rants I have read online.

          P.S. You forgot to use the term “intersectional”. Doing so would make it oh-so-2016!!!!!!!!’

          • Editor

            Ahh! “Intersectional”! How can I have forgotten that one. Thanks

        • Don’t let your talent take you to the Dark Side.

      • ontario john

        And don’t forget evil Harper.

  • John

    I blame it on Robert Spencer who gave a talk in Fort McMurray only a day or so before the fires started.

    He probably sparked up a butt and then threw the still burning match away.

    I’m of the opinion that these fires were accidentally started by negligent people.

  • BeukendaalMason

    I wonder if these guys created the plan…

  • ontario john

    Just watched the CBC political scrum on the fire. If the CTV political show later is the same, I can hardly wait. The CBC panelists think Trudeau is great, Notley is great, Harper is evil, and LIz May was right in saying the cause is global warming. Our media at work.

  • Ed

    The reason there is a forest fire is because wood burns when its lit. For global temperatures to be hot enough to light the wood would require higher temperatures I believe.

    • Jaedo Drax

      A couple of years ago there was one of the ground temperature sets that showed temperatures above the ignition point of wood in the middle of a lake, and it was considered a “valid” site for the set.

      • Ed

        Huma and Hillary on a raft?

    • You and your facts!

  • Jaedo Drax

    100 points to the first opposition member to stand up in parliament and ask the minister of climate change: “given that the wildfires in Alberta are currently burning out of control, and releasing decades of stored CO2 in the trees that are burning, how will this affect the Liberals unwise commitment to reducing economic growth through decarbonization of the rest of the economy?”

  • Let these guys say whatever they want….

    …in the presence of those whose homes have been burned down.

    • UCSPanther

      That would be like telling the survivors of the Babine Mill Explosion (Burns Lake) that it was karma for their sins of working in a mill that cuts down forests.

      You would be lucky if you didn’t get a fist in the mouth as your response…

      • Give it time.

        This is why it should be legal to kick these guys squah in the nertz.

  • Linda1000

    Didn’t it take until Wed. of last week for asswipe Trudope to acknowledge there was a fire and finally by Friday after five days of burning, help started to arrive. Notley, the stupid bitch was slow to clue in also and cutting funds from the fire fighting budget a few months ago was not a smart move. Officials and responders on the ground in Ft. Mac knew by last Monday or earlier that they had no chance of stopping this fire. Keep the idiot fluffy hair in Ottawa, we have tons of our own popular tree fluff blowing in the wind here already.

    • mauser 98

      Yikes ,,, such language to describe our fearless leaders

      • Linda1000

        LOL …. good pictures. I seem to be cursing a lot these days. Old joke – Years ago, the Libtard party leader in Canada was given the name “Walking Eagle” by west coast natives and I don’t think it has changed. A walking eagle is a bird so full of shit it can’t fly.