She’s a Bombshell

Female ‘Terminator’ survives huge explosions thanks to amazing protective suit

  • Fake bombs, methinks. Where’s the percussion? A protective suit would not stop her from being thrown into the air from the percussion, but apparently there isn’t any.

    • Gary

      sadly, even if it was real the Blonde would still walk through the mess believing it is safe.

      More like a Jiffy -Pop foil suit .

  • ntt1

    We see this all the time on set ,acetylene bursts and squibbed cans of contact cement , very little percussion though, booms are dubbed in later.

    • Exile1981

      I assumed they would cgi some else walking in later. replace the suited figure with some scantily clad box office bombshell.

  • Minicapt
  • Leonard Jones

    This is low velocity BS! Mostly black smoke and flames that any
    fire suit would deflect. This is no worse that the pyrotechnics
    on Saving Private Ryan or The Pacific.

    This is an example of the lowest of low explosives!