PM Useful Idiot to open the floodgates to marriage fraud

Liberals’ promise to repeal Conservative legislation would open the floodgates to marriage fraud

OTTAWA — Clifton Cunningham, a 54-year-old Ottawa resident who cleans buses for a living, was duped into a marriage of convenience by a Jamaican woman who was seeking permanent resident status in Canada.

Cunningham’s estranged wife, Karlene Williams, and her adopted daughter, Sheleka, arrived in Toronto in 2011, after the couple was married in Jamaica. Both were sponsored by Cunningham and became permanent residents on landing. But they never travelled to Ottawa — he says she took off with another man instead.

h/t JEH

  • Martin B

    Canadian voters opened the floodgates to fraud when they elected Liberals.

  • useless opinion

    Lots of stupid Canadian men and women who just need a good not so cheap shag and cant find a local to help out. So much for huddling together against the cold.

  • Alain

    Puppet Obama was installed to carry out the destruction of the United States, just as puppet Trudeau for Canada. We never were able to fully recover from the destruction and damage done by Trudeau Sr., and after Trudeau the second it will be impossible without a real revolution.

    • Judyspitts1

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  • reidjr

    I have made off hand remarks about soon we will have Sharia law now I think its more and more likely we will its just a matter of time.