Oxford law students too ‘fragile’ to hear about violent crime: Undergrads given ‘trigger warnings’ before traumatic material

They are destined to be barristers and judges – but undergraduates studying law at Oxford are being told before lectures on cases involving violence or death that they can leave if they fear the content will be too ‘distressing’.

The revelation marks the arrival from the US of ‘trigger warnings’ – the politically correct notion that students should be warned before they encounter material that could elicit a traumatic response.

Lecturers have been asked by the director of undergraduate studies for law to ‘bear in mind’ using trigger warnings when they give lectures containing ‘potentially distressing’ content.

h/t ZD

  • These precious snowflakes are actually a good thing. They’ve exposed themselves and those who support them and they haven’t a chance against the fewer but more capable Conservatives they will end up competing against. And by competing, I mean in the tooth-and-blood game of survival of the fittest. The Purge is coming.

    • They do make themselves a target.

    • An evolutionary dead end for certain! But the leftist Dr Frankensteins that created them are still in charge- it will be a close thing to see if they die out without taking us with them.

    • Who runs the game?

      These wieners do.

      I say leave major city centres and return after the smoke clears.

  • Ed

    I get distressed when I pay taxes. I look forward to the day when progressives think of my torment and allow me the option to opt out.

    • David Smith

      Every time I see a letter from the CRA I’m filled with fear and trepidation.

  • simus1

    Is this taken from “The Princess Law Student And The Pea” fable perchance?

  • Seneca III

    Oxford and Cambridge have now slipped down the global University ranking’s table, the result of a government enforced policy that the indigenous socially challenged together with the ethnic, underprivileged and the somewhat retarded ‘multicultiies’ must be awarded places despite being unable to count to twenty without taking their socks off. It’s called positive discrimination or, if you wish, intellectual suicide.

  • If these children can’t stand hearing about crimes they are meant to prosecute then they should stick to hamburger management.

    Fewer trigger warnings there.

    • It is bizarre that this silly request was even entertained.

      • Perhaps they would like to tell one what would happen to actual victims of crime who have to re-live the crime in court?