Ohio Restaurant Owner: Muslim Machete Attacker Targeted My Business Because I’m Israeli

TEL AVIV – The Israeli Arab owner of the Columbus, Ohio, restaurant attacked by a machete-wielding Muslim immigrant from West Africa in February expressed his frustration during an interview in Israel this week that U.S. authorities have not labeled the attack an act of Islamic terrorism.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    After seven years of Obama, he shouldn’t feel frustrated. This restaurant owner is more of a Christian than Obama is.

  • Dana Garcia

    Columbus is heavily overrun with Somalis, second only to unlucky Minneapolis. One estimate is 45,000 — who knows?


    • Cripes who thought that was a good idea?

        • Dana Garcia

          From the same publication, there’s this:


          The refugee business is built on cultural dysfunction. Primitive peoples need a lot of help to settle in a modern society; specifically, the new folks need directions about basic things, like electric lights, kitchen stoves, escalators, indoor plumbing, banks, bus passes, etc. If refugees could adjust easily to life in the first world, then they wouldn’t require well-paid experts to hold their hands throughout the process. Washington’s continued admittance of thousands yearly who can be categorized as pre-pencil guarantees job security to professional do-gooders.

          In fact, the more dysfunctional the refugees, the more expensive professional help they need. And that fact may at least partially explain why there are so many Somalis among us, despite how inappropriate they are for America.