ISIS throws Gay off roof per Islamic doctrine

Nothing to do with Islam of course.

Isis throws gay guy off roof

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s Obama’s NASA Muslim outreach for their own space program.

    • That. or we’ll need to outlaw tall buildings.

      • RiffRaff Games

        Better outlaw rocks too.

  • DMB

    For ISIS and Islamic theocracies being gay is considered a form of blasphemey or what we call hate laws and since they hate gays under Islamic laws they receive the death penalty. Blasphemey laws are hate laws.

    • Alain

      Another factor is that they tend to claim that the person was homosexual or a spy for Israel when for whatever reason the person falls out of favour. Whether the person is truly homosexual or not, there is no way of knowing.

  • Ed

    “…The images show ISIS terrorists standing on the roof of a building under construction in central Manbij city…”

    That’s code for “…Western contractors, who are the only ones capable of doing shit over here, bugged out, leaving this hulking concrete something or other…”

  • Petrilia

    Any protests about this terrible picture from any decent colleges and universities in the Free World? I thought not. Too busy getting their safe spaces, but this poor man had no safe space from these barbaric monsters did he?

    • This is the age of cognitive dissonance. Progressive gays would rather prance around in Kaffiyas and call Israel an Apartheid state than to confront the horror that would engulf them were the Islamic State were to come to a tall building near them.