Continental Breakfast

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‘Four more years’, cheering supporters tell Barack Obama

Pope: Tear down walls and welcome migrants into Europe

Teachers Union: Trump Is To Blame For School Bullying

Transgender Believes ‘Misgendering’ Is Equivalent To Violence

Archaeologists uncover creature among the Nazca lines

Tunisian Imam: Homosexuals Should Be Executed

2016 Electoral College Ratings for May 5, 2016

Trudeau committing $1.6 billion to Jordan & Lebanon

Lurch to college grads: Prepare for a ‘borderless world’

Romney: possible 3rd party challenge to Trump

Drone footage of tunnel bombs in Syria

SJWs create ‘Shady Person of Color’ list to silence dissenters

Obama Issues Executive Order on Transfer of Executive Power

ISIS thugs ‘execute 7-year-old boy for insulting the Caliphate’mouse

  • ontario john

    The news this morning is the standard daily knife attacks and shootings in diverse, multi cultural Toronto, and Syrian refugees saving residents of Fort McMurray. Toronto Star is excited about the new muslim mayor of London as is the rest of the media. The Star is also excited that a new mosque was built in Bosnia. And its communist/columnist Bob Hepburn is excited that Wynne could win the next election again. He also points out that if you don’t believe in abortion then you are a member of the far right. So according to him, if you don’t believe in killing babies, you are some sort of fascist.

  • ontario john

    It seems that there is no low Trudeau and his Liberal Party lapdogs won’t sink to, in order to get back at the Conservatives. They drag in a dying member of their caucus to get a bill passed to make the national anthem gender neutral, and then they and the media lambast the Conservatives for voting against it. Its a good thing everyone in Canada loves Trudeau.

    • did Justin take a selfie? That’s the only important thing he does.

      • ontario john

        He doesn’t spend much time in Parliament. Its too boring.

  • pdxnag

    In a “borderless world” there are no state lines no county lines not city boundary lines no property lines. In short, complete chaos. No lines means no government to reign over any geographically describable zone.