Video shows Afghan woman’s ‘Taliban execution’

A video has emerged showing the public killing of a woman after her alleged conviction by an informal Taliban court of killing her husband.

The video was shot in Jowzjan Province a month or two ago, officials say, and has just surfaced on social media.

A crowd listens as the verdict is given before the woman, sitting on the ground in a burqa, is shot in the back of the head. The Taliban have not commented.


  • B@$#@rds.

    • Every Muslim state is a hellhole. All are Afghanistan or Syria, just not yet.

  • Clausewitz

    Once again showing that if we can build a big enough wall, surround them with it, and leave them to their own devices, this may be a self limiting problem. I used to feel sorry for the women of Islam, but after listening to their bleating for more than 25 years, they’re on their own.

  • Ford Prefect

    Hello I am Justin Trudeau and I approve of this action on moral relevance grounds.

  • Gary

    Once again the silence from the Feminists like Naomi Klein and Susan G Cole .
    Ms.Cole has 3 strikes against her because she is also a Jewish Lesbian and has yet to condemn the Quranic misogyny/homophobia or denounced the pro-hamas groups that marched in PRIDE for about 6 years in a row.

    GLADD and NOW/NAC are just fine with BROWN people being murdered outside of N.America . It’s much like the AIDS crisis where people like Stephen Lewis didn’t say a word when it was Blacks in Africa the died by the thousands .
    Hollywood and the Arts community didn’t care until middle class white Homosexuals started to die that were among the Arts community.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So what. Let their whole society turn into a dumpster fire.