‘No Muslims on German Soil’: Thousands of right-wing extremists rally outside Berlin train station against city’s influx of refugees

germans protest against muslims

Demonstrators held signs with slogans like ‘No Islam on German Soil’ and ‘Merkel Must Go,’ while waving German flags at the rally on Saturday afternoon in the capital.

  • The “Extremists” are soon to be the majority.

    • Ron MacDonald

      Then they can disband the EU.

  • simus1

    Too bad dm doesn’t let the sniggering schoolkids in adult bodies who do their actresses and models breaking news try their hand at political reporting. It couldn’t be worse than the slanted product turned in by their present “scribes and editors”.

  • lolwut?

    Saudi Preacher Bandar Al-Khaybari Demonstrates: The Earth Does Not Revolve around Itself


    • simus1

      Poor creature.
      Brain parasites are such a terrible affliction.

      • Minicapt

        Slow djinns?


  • Concerned Canadian

    Who came up with the headline right-wing extremists”? Are they not just nationalists?

    • Alain

      They patriots who oppose the mass invasion by Muslims. Normally it isn’t even a matter of being “right-wing” or “left-wing” when it comes to patriotism. We are not however living in normal times.