Next time use the fire extinquisher…

On his head.

TOLEDO, OH -An attack against a pregnant woman during an attempted robbery was caught on camera in central Toledo Wednesday.

The attack happened at the Sunoco gas station on Bancroft and Ashland around 4 p.m.

Desiree Hunt, the pregnant clerk, was holding the cash drawer when a man leaned over the counter and tried to grab it from her.

The video shows Hunt close the drawer and turn to protect her stomach.

  • Mal

    I expect she didn’t want to damage the fire extinguisher by using it on his head? It is a notoriously dense material, after all.

    • She could have written off the expense!

      • Mal

        Absolutely. And well worth every penny spent.
        Instead, the feral sonofabitch lives to do the same again.

    • Blacksmith

      Fire extinguishers are cheap. I think the last one I bought that size was 20 bucks, The entertainment value while waiting for the cops and emt’s would have easily been worth the 20.

  • Okay, why did so few of those customers help?

    • Blacksmith

      Well several were from the same tribe of ferals I think.

      • The fellow in the gray shirt looked like he was going to help.

        What the hell was wrong with the rest of them?

        So accustomed to gang violence that they just decided not to get involved, I guess.