Hillary Clinton to form “Republicans for Hillary” group to exploit furore over Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton is to assemble a “Republicans for Hillary” group as she seeks to exploit GOP disarray over Donald Trump’s nomination as the party’s presidential candidate.

The move is part of a sharp tack to the Right planned by Mrs Clinton’s campaign after being forced to adopt a Left-wing posture by Bernie Sanders’ populist challenge for the Democratic party’s nomination.

It will involve wooing wealthy Republican donors alienated by the prospect of Mr Trump as the party’s standard bearer in November’s poll, according to the New York Times.

  • Alain

    Ha. Republicans for Hillary is like claiming the CBC was a fan of Harper for a decade.

    • Oh I suspect they will garner a few willing Quislings.

      • V10_Rob

        She’ll pick up a fair number of big name Republican donors/establishment, which will just underscore how out of touch they are, and where their loyalties truly lay.

        The only conservative value Hillary can believably appeal to is the ‘pro-business’ angle, but that’s because she’s always been a cronyist (crony-socialist or crony-capitalist, all money is equal in her purse).

  • Ford Prefect

    Trump is countering with women rapped by her husband for Trump which has a much larger membership. She is in for a looooooong summer. it started in Oragon last night.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    “Republicans for Hillary” will ring as true as “Poles for Putin.”

    • I can’t see how she could accommodate both Bernie’s communists and the Koch brothers with the same political platform. Anyway, it will be amusing to watch.

  • Ed

    “…It will involve wooing wealthy Republican donors…”

    Oh boy, I want to see Hillary “woo” anything…