Continental Breakfast

Fruit Bowl breakfast (1)

Fort McMurray Blaze: Syrian Refugees Step Up to Help

Vicente Fox Calls for Vote Against Trump

The Racist Trees of Our National Parks

Calling The Left’s Bluff On Global Warming

Oregon State to Force Students to Take Social Justice Training

Obama plans to accelerate vetting of Syrian “refugees”

CNN: GOPers ‘Detached from Rational’ Thought on Clintons

Six Parts of Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Disarm Citizens

Look Who Else Is Joining Target’s Transgender Bathroom Policies

Harvard Will Punish Students Who Join Single-Sex Clubs

Facebook Admits Censoring Conservative Sites

Middlebury College Requires Seminar on Privilege and Inequality

Germans: ‘There is no place for Islam in our politics’

Social Security Admin Introduces Gun Ban For Some Beneficiaries

Latino Activists with “Liar! Liar!” Signs Protest Hillary

Germany’s AfD party ‘has more public support than ever’

White House brags about how it tricked reporters

Google Is Feeding Romance Novels To Its AI Engine

‘Women’s Equality Party’ Admits It Has No Position on Sharia

GoPro hitched a ride on a rocket

UN counts ‘more than 50’ IS mass graves

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