America’s Thinning Cohesion

Aztlan-La-Raza-Whites-Get-OutWhen you take away a man’s identity, is he left with anything worthwhile?

I pondered that question when listening to a sympathetic NPR report on a Mexican-American’s experience in college. Pablo Ramirez is a student at San Francisco State University. He and a group of like-minded classmates are lobbying administrators to increase funding for—what else?—courses in ethnic studies. The son of illegal immigrants, Ramirez rejects “the notion that to be truly American, you have to be white.”

  • Alain

    The best way for him and his fellow travellers to embrace their heritage would be to move to Mexico, since it seems their heritage is so great. Furthermore if people like him truly cared about “their home country”, Mexico, then most certainly they would want to go there and attempt to “make Mexico great”, or at least improve things. When you come to another country and reap the benefits of that country while shitting on the same country and its people, my response is “Go back”.

  • BillyHW

    As soon as California becomes Mexico again the Mexicans will be escaping to Oregon etc. to get away from Mexico and their fellow Mexicans.

    • Gary

      My point was to add to yours and predict that they will consume States going North to pour in Canada by the millions.
      Justin will embrace them for the votes no matter how may Citizens get murdered or raped. He’s already caused harm to the children in schools as the Migrants kids and attacking Canadian students , this, while some parents bitch about the free food or the Hotels they are in as we had a homeless crisis.

  • Miss Trixie

    Seriously? This is ARE land?

    Stupid f***ers and those who support them. Credibility’s shot.

    Stupid f***ers.

    *rolls eyes*

    • Grammerist!

      • Miss Trixie

        Ha! *snort* 🙂

  • jack burns

    They aren’t planning past when the honkey tax cattle are subjugated and the lights flicker out.

  • Ford Prefect

    “This is are land.” Say no more.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Make California a Subduction plate AGAIN!