A slice of Life from France… Police attacked by pro-Islamist migrants

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Friday night at 20 pm 20, a municipal police patrol noticed several individuals consuming alcohol near the statue of Paul Riquet, on the Avenues. In Béziers as in many French towns, consumption of alcohol on public streets is prohibited. Municipal police officers therefore stop to stop it. Individuals obtempèrent and store their bottle of whiskey already well underway.

Things could have stopped there. But it turns out that these drinkers were a few dozen meters from a small crowd of about fifty people. Indeed, every Friday and Saturday night, several months ago, a small group of Islamist activists gather before the statue of Paul Riquet in the pretext of distributing food to the homeless. In fact, the homeless are very few, activists form the bulk of those present. But the rally is illegal. Its organizers know as they were recently heard by the national police about it. For its part, the municipality has issued tens of minutes of proceedings which were forwarded to the prosecutor.

Two of the organizers, the named Omar Kathiri and Linda Mendy-Hamdani, also anti-Israeli activists and supporters of terrorist and Islamist Hamas, stand the rally and will contact the municipal police. Omar Khatiri causing agents, physically grows. A militant who joined him, he shouts: “They will beat me, filming”. A municipal police officer also was injured (a day of total disability).

These individuals are soon joined by the rest of the rally. The insults against the police are numerous: “kill the cops”, “enc ….” … a person more excited than other attempts to attack physically to an agent. The municipal police therefore decided to arrest him, despite the shouts of the demonstrators. A patrol of the anti-crime brigade takes the relay before leaving the premises under the cries of “Police everywhere, justice nowhere.” Following this arrest, the voltage falls. The person apprehended and taken into custody will be convened before the criminal court in November.

Note that the gathering of this small group had Friday another object that the alleged distribution of food. It was for Omar Khatiri, Linda Mendy- Hamdani and friends to collect material for newly arrived illegal immigrants in Béziers , installed in La Devèze, according to a now well-known chain.

Finally, Robert Ménard and Dominique Garcia, assistant security, sends greetings to municipal police officers and their thanks to those of the national police, who all in a difficult environment, have accomplished their mission without failing and respect for the law.