Video: “Pro-Palestinian” Organization Beit Zatoun Hosts Holocaust Denier Ken O’Keefe

On April 28th the “Pro-Palestinian” organization Beit Zatoun of Toronto Ontario, hosted holocaust denier Ken O’Keefe.

It was billed by Beit Zatoun as one of only two events in Toronto and the last stop of Ken O’Keefe’s 16-city tour.

The following is film of a talk given by O’Keefe at the University of Toronto on April 29th.

O’Keefe, as his own words will illustrate, is an anti-semite all too typical of the “Anti-Zionist” left.

The JDL protested this event, no one else I am aware of did, which begs the question…

How is it that when the JDL hosted Robert Spencer he was detained at the border and questioned about “hate speech” yet this holocaust denier waltzes into Canada without a care?

Eye On A Crazy Planet has more…

Pro-Palestinian Group Beit Zatoun Hosts Holocaust Denier Ken O’Keefe