This took guts…

spice girlsVictoria Beckham on her Spice Girls days: ‘They used to turn off my microphone’


I liked “A couple of drinks and she loosens up Spice” best.

  • They should have done that with all the Mic’s.
    Lipsync all the way… Nobody would notice…
    And maybe kill the lights too…

    The miraculous Mr. Bieber dropped his phone off the stage in some concert clip, amazingly, his voice could still be heard as usual… Magic…

    And Beyonce… And Britney… And Madonna… And everybody ?

    Basically as real and sincere as our politicians & mainstream media news…

  • David Smith

    OT: london elects death cultist for mayor, put a fork in it.

  • That shows the state of modern music. When the Spice Girls emerged, the press praised them as the most amazing music phenomenon since the Beatles. Within two years they were gone and forgotten, while Paul McCartney and the tranny-loving fool Ringo Starr can still attract decent audience.

    • UCSPanther

      I remember when the Spice Girls were huge back in the late 90s. You
      could hear their tracks everywhere and merchandise was everywhere, then
      suddenly: Gone. No more mention of them.