Tank crew survive an ATGM attack, as the round glances off their turret


  • Minicapt

    Possible the 9K115 Metis/9K115-2 Metis-M.


  • xavier


    Correct it’s a Kornet ATGM strategypage.com has an article called Turkish M60T survives.

    The M60 has been upgraded through Israeli techology so that explains why the tank survived.

    • canminuteman

      I don’t know about the missile, but the tank is an old Soviet T55. The tank survived because either the missile was a dud, or it hit so high up the turret at too steep an angle for the warhead to function.

      • xavier


        I stand corrected it’s a t 55. That makes the sequence even more amazing.

        It’s also telling that whichever faction fired it was either inexperienced or spooked