Protesters jump the shark

”Jump the shark” is an American pop-culture expression that derives from a 1977 “Happy Days” sitcom episode and describes a moment of decline. At a certain point, a TV show becomes so predictable, empty of ideas and gimmicky that in desperation its writers will try anything — like the character “The Fonz” jumping over a shark on water skis — just to stay on the air.

Contemporary protesters have reached that moment, when demonstrations exist for demonstrations’ sake, without any consistent or coherent agenda of dissent.

  • Gary

    Back in January 2016 I commented that this was the Year of Push-Back by the majority that pay the taxes to fund the welfare and schools that these protesters and malcontent loser feed off of as they bash the West and riot to loot store and torch Cities.

    The Human Rights Commissions have shown how useless they are and now need to find new Rights to justify their existence and keep gorging at the Public trough .
    The progressive’s now want to toss our children to the perverts and pedophiles that can use the same wash Rooms as little girls as long as they claim they Self-Identify as Female . The schools under Wynne’s reign is now promoting Ben Levin homoerotic Sex-Ed that is to condition children to see the Adult2child sex as normal .

    Every year we hear of a new Word that is banned or created which is to mask some type of perverted life style that used to be illegal. Obama now calls Quranic inspired jihad slaughters at work as Work Place violence .
    Then we have the Leftist liberals and feminists on side with the death-cult sect of islam which is helping the islamists to destroy the West and claim it for allah as a Caliphate to wipe out gays and jews first before going after the rest of the infidels .

    • Shebel

      For Myself—I want to apologize to the WORLD for my

      – SKIN pigmentation—- I am White—it is not Cool
      – Religion -I am not Muslim—It is Not Cool.

      – Jews— I admire them—- It is not Cool
      -Work ethic–I have one— It is not Cool
      -Children are not experiments—It is not Cool
      – Despise my Politicians—–It is not Cool.

      • Maggat

        Same. Only difference is, I’m married to a muslim woman. Hard to beat, make damn good wives.

        • Shebel

          That is cool.

        • 9eyedeel

          I thought it was easier to beat Muslim women, as long as the stick is selected carefully…

  • Alain

    If you take away what I call the “rent-a-mob”, those funded by others to “protest”, I suggest there would be very few left. When you see the same faces at every protest and against everything and anything at every protest across the country, it is clear they are not grass-roots protesters. It is impossible for anyone to have all that much free time and yet able to afford to travel to all these different places. The focus needs to be on those organiser and funders behind the scene to expose just what a sham the whole thing is.

    • Lisa Farmer

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  • BillyHW

    Protests are just riots by those who can’t accomplish their goals through democracy because most people don’t agree with them

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The law of diminishing returns is taking its toll on left-wing protesters and the public has gotten bored with the media’s breathless coverage.

  • UCSPanther

    The second those SJW protestors turned into roving mobs of demented Red Guards and Brownshirts, it was clear that any coherent ideology is gone, and it is time for grown-ups to come in, clean up the mess and beat some sense into those whackos and those who promote their behavior…

    • Will Quest

      The face of SJWs……….. Trigger ALERT ……

  • simus1

    Violence by the usual PC thugs in leftist pay is not “violence violence”.
    It is a very effective tactic against governing “conservative” regimes, even those with solid leaders who don’t scare easily, because a large proportion of their so called “conservative” followers often consist of spineless jellyfish scared of their own shadows.

  • Justin St.Denis

    These useless bags of skin were forged in public schools, folks. You can blame the universities for catering/caving to them, but they arrived on campus already totally fucked up by public schools/teachers, most of whom are female, btw, because men have been made unwelcome in the education sector.