Ken Livingstone describes the creation of the state of Israel as ‘a great catastrophe’

The former Mayor of London was suspended from the Labour Party after he invoked Hitler to defend a colleague over anti-Semitic remarks and claimed that there was a “well-orchestrated campaign” against the party by the “Israel lobby”.

However, in an interview broadcast in Arabic by TV station Al Ghad Al Arabi on Wednesday, he said the creation of Israel had been “fundamentally wrong” and led to a situation with the “potential for nuclear war”.

As you know Britain’s Labour Party has been embroiled in an escalating anti-semitism scandal, triggered in part by Mr. Livingstone.

Going into last night’s election it was speculated they would suffer significant losses.

Guess what? They didn’t suffer anything near the losses speculated, a downturn yes but not a wipe out.

As for London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, the Labour candidate, looks to be the winner despite his ties to Muslim terrorist sympathizers having been exposed.

So long England….

  • tom_billesley

    “Great Catastrophe”. Why did he translate? He could have just called it “Al-Nakba”.

  • P_F

    As of today ‘islamification’ of (once) Great Britain is complete.
    Just wait for the moment when Britons lead by their queen (or will be prince Charles?)convert to islam, en masse.

  • Frau Katze

    I’m shocked, shocked!

    • It is worrisome, despite the rot Labour came out ok really, and a million muslims in London are smiling today.

      • Alain

        Much like Wynne in Ontario and the man-child for the country.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Ken Livingstone continuing to breathe is a great accident.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Livingstone fits within the longstanding Labour Party tradition of Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevin. (Churchill described Attlee as “a modest man with much to be modest about.”)

    • Minicapt

      Clement Attlee was known as Major Attlee because he served in the South Lancashire Regiment in WW1, and was wounded several times. Red Ken is rather closer to Arthur Scargill.


  • simus1

    The reds like Ken are determined to fit Israel into the Zimbabwe /apartheid South Africa frame so fondly remembered from the Harold Wilson / Jimmy Carter good times. A result equivalent to de Gaulle’s Algerian cut and run continuing debacle would also give them the warm fuzzies.

  • V10_Rob

    Socialist, anti-Semitic, and their angry supporters in the street delight at the idea of inflicting violence upon anyone who disagrees with them…

    But somehow us on the right are the Nazis.

  • Schuyler7

    Someone should inform and educate Ken Livingstone with this truth: Israel was NOT created by any man, but rather by HaShem, the One Lord thy G-d. – Ahavah and Shalom.