Continental Breakfast

Froot Loops just seems appropriate.

Cinco de NO-NO

Anti-Trumpers Call For Riots

Front National Now Top Choice For French Youth

Biracial Fusion Writer Fears Her Child Might Be White

Student groups demand that UCSD become a ‘sanctuary campus’

SDSU pledges to curtail speech in the name of safety

Why liberals are in denial about anti-Semitism

At UNC, PC party cups replace red ones

Palestinian Children Kill Israelis in Hamas “Play”

Half of immigrant-led households collect welfare

Contemplating War in Europe

Britain will start taking in refugee children

President Fox Apologizes, Invites Trump to Mexico

‘Get Your Money Ready Because You’re Going To Pay For the Wall’

First Muslim Miss USA converts to Christianity

Hillary Campaign Made Secret Payments To Destroy Hard Drives

6 Reasons Why Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

Muslim Students Want San Diego President To Resignmouse

  • ontario john

    It seems the media will sink to any level to promote the muslim refugees. The media is using the fire in Alberta, to show Syrian muslims volunteering to help out. How nice.

    • Of course.

    • Exile1981

      The edmonton sun ran articles on muslims who had to flee the fire in Fort Mac.

  • ontario john

    Halifax council is debating today on whether to remove the name of its founder from all public buildings etc., because of his treatment of whiny indians. Maybe they can remove all indian names, because of indian treatment of settlers.

  • Jim Horne

    Change will come, in France and in Europe.

  • Here in the US, we have to go the England and Russia for the news. Just in case anyone outside of Canada isn’t up to date, here’s a fire map:

  • Achmed

    What are a few thousand from Fort McMurray compared to the millions forced to flee for their lives from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan due to political instability caused by western imperialism?

    Canada should be building homes for the refugees now!

  • simus1

    Once met someone who had attended Brown when it was a hugely prestigious seat of learning. He was an engine room officer on a famous US Navy aircraft carrier during WW2. Also moonlighted in the sickbay there as an amateur medic during Japanese attacks. His specialty was extracting steel and iron splinters from wounded sailors, especially their eyeballs. Used powerful magnets and a steady hand.
    Different times.

  • Minicapt