What do the joshing jihadis tell us about Britain’s radicalisation problem?

When hen young British jihadis die in Syria, the news is met back home with a mixture of relief and glee. We gloat over the manner of their death, and amuse ourselves with stories of their path to martyrdom.

Raphael Hostey, a baby-faced 24-year-old from Manchester, was killed in fighting last week, according to fellow Isil recruits. He called himself Abu Qaqa, and he was one of a gang of eight Britons, five from Portsmouth and three from the north-west, who travelled to Syria around the same time in 2013. One is now in jail, having become disillusioned and returned home. Hostey’s death means the rest are now all killed in action.

  • Alain

    First off Britain does not have a “radicalisation problem”; it has a Muslim problem like every non Muslim country with Muslims in their midst. In spite of this evident fact, every country in the West continues to welcome more Muslims. This is either insanity or treason on the part of their government, and I suggest treason.

    • Gary

      It’s like knowing you have termites eating the main support beams in the houses foundation and yet an expert on residential construction insists the problem is the wood that was used.

      • Judyrterry4

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  • canminuteman

    That was a vomit inducing article. There should have been a trigger warning.