The UN on Holocaust Remembrance Day: Where’s the ‘never’ in the ‘never again’?

Thursday, May 5 is Holocaust Remembrance Day or “Yom Hashoah,” an occasion to remember and mourn the unique horror that resulted in the murder of 6 million Jews including one million children – unfathomable numbers that still shock the conscience of humankind. Except at the United Nations. Though the UN was built on the ashes of the Jewish people, in our time this organization plays a disturbing role in advancing antisemitism.

Antisemitism works in many ways. Devotees deny or minimize its very existence. Instead, they appropriate the suffering of their targets and invert the genuine victim and the actual perpetrator. The U.N. of the 21st century does all of this.

  • Martin B

    Nothing good ever comes out of the UN, on Holocaust Remembrance Day or any other day.

    • It is a cesspit.

      • Exile1981

        as i said to a young tech tonight…

        him “what is that smell? it smells like shit.”

        me “what part of sewage lagoon didn’t you understand”

        the UN stinks because it is a cesspit and will never be anything but a cesspit.

  • There is no “Never Again”. If there was, there would be no concentration camps in North Korea.

    No one cares and we still fund the UN.

  • Gary

    The U.N. is run by a huge block of 56 OIC islamic Nations with the most votes and they won’t even admit to the islamic slaughters to muslims and Infidels .

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Israel should leave the UN, shut down all UN operations within its reach and expel the personnel involved, and declare any UN operations in neighboring areas as hostile activities.

    • eMan14

      Every western country should leave the UN.

  • marty_p

    The UN lost any shred of credibility the day Arafat addressed the General Assembly wearing a pistol and the day the vote that “Zionism is Racism” passed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The UN exists for the sole purpose of completing the Holocaust.