Survival Guide for Social Justice Minded Special Little Snowflakes

scripps-college-survival-guide …or why parents need to inoculate their children against collegiate madness.

  • mauser 98

    ….profs need to be re-educated
    Cornell Black Students United to Submit Faculty Training Resolution to Student Assembly

    • Forced to attend an Ivy League University! Now that’s Oppression!

      • mauser 98

        they should demand a Gay Pride Week in sunny Somalia

  • Justin St.Denis

    I am reminded of how our only daughter exclaimed that she would rather stick pins in her eyes than date guys her own age. When she turned 18 (legally adult), she stopped even pretending to have male friends her own age. She began dating guys 10+ years older than herself. A few years later, we acquired a 39-year-old son-in-law. I never really blinked at the 17-year age difference. But I understand it more now than ever.