‘Muslims – but not Islam – part of Germany,’ says senior Merkel ally

“There is certainly not just the one Islam, as this statement suggests,” he said, adding that Islam also took on forms “that we can never accept in Germany.”

However, he stressed that Muslims enjoyed the same freedom of religion as people of other faiths, and should not be excluded in the way many right-wing populists were currently proposing.

Good luck with that buddy.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Ban Islam, force Muslims to convert or leave and turn mosques into churches.

  • canminuteman

    Germany is Germany because that’s where the Germans live. If all kinds of other people who are not German live there, it’s not really Germany any more.

  • V10_Rob

    The right across the West has tried repeatedly to make the case for cracking down hard on jihadists while accommodating peaceful moderates. At every turn we’ve been decried as racist bigots.

    Now the situation is much worse, and the left (waking up to danger to western liberal values and/or scared of losing power as the electorate does too) is tentatively interested in discussing baby-steps towards a non-binding compromise at an indefinite future date.

    I think that boat has sailed, or is at least weighing anchor. People are angry and are not interested in hearing about half-measures any more. A lot of good people are going to be hurt, and this could end up being a dark path we go down. But we didn’t create this situation, and we tried to prevent it from getting this bad. It’s on your head now, leftists.

  • Alain

    He must be very smart to have figured out how to separate the Muslims from Islam.