Fort McMurray wildfire burning so hot, only weather can stop it

‘Perfect storm’ of factors makes Alberta wildfire a powerful force, but such fires could be ‘the new normal’

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  • 80,000 Albertans driven from their homes. But good news! Another planeload of Syrian “refugees” has just landed to enjoy our charity!

    • eMan14

      I feel better.

  • eMan14

    That is truly scary to see. I hope no-one gets harmed in this.

  • Sheila Gunn Reid sounded the alarm a couple weeks ago (April 19) after it was discovered that Notley’s NDP axed $15 million from the Alberta wildfire budget. This is not “non-political” as some are claiming, and when it hits the news I fully expect the NDP to blame “global warming” rather than their axing the wildfire budget without consulting Albertans.

    • Linda1000

      Can’t stop cursing and can’t wait for this totally incompetent premier to go. Same for that little airhead fluff in Ottawa. What in the hell is wrong with Cdns. voting for these idiots?

      • Justin St.Denis

        Tell that to Canadian women, who form the bulk of his voter base. They got us into this shit.

  • Ron MacDonald
    • Elizabeth May says it’s just as the climate models predicated, but then admitted no scientist could predict it.

      Precisely what we’ve been saying all along — the wonky climate models have no basis in science.

      • simus1

        EM is just one more somewhat addled Genocidist but her musings are not that far off the mainstream envirowacko bible.

    • Exile1981

      The lefties are coming out in droves saying fort mac deserved to burn. i’m away on work and staying in a hotel. Its full of evacuees, families with kids and pets. These people list everything. Cars in the hotel parking lot with blistered paint.

  • robins111

    One of the secrets of wildfire fighting is, that when they get large, it’s only weather that puts them out.

    Fire crews may be able to nudge them with water bombers or hose lines in a direction, but the reality is, it’s weather or a shift in wind direction that turns the fire back on its already consumed fuel.

    I however am waiting till we find out what started the fire, if there’s no media report and/or they start to bafflegag, I’ll know it was likely human caused, and my suspicious at this point are it’s an enviro-loon… it’ll be buried deeper than Obama’s school transcripts if it was arson by activist.

  • canminuteman

    “Fires like this will be the new normal”. What a load of bullshit. What is the new normal is a city of 80,000 in the middle of a forest. Forests burn like this all the time. It’s a normal part of the forest environment. Old trees die and the new ones need fire to germinate. The city should have had fire breaks and clear cut zones around the town then they would have been fine. If you build a community in the middle of nowhere in a forest this will eventually happen. We see it on the news every year. The only difference this time is the size of the community affected.

    • !970, worked as a Junior Forest Ranger for the summer (Algonquin Park). That’s all we did all summer — cleared fire breaks, learned controlled burns, and firefighting. We were actually called in to fight a few real fires when they were short on personnel — even got to go up in a water bomber!

      You are bang-on about fire breaks — why they wouldn’t have one around a large community is baffling. Heck, most of the breaks we cut were for access roads and camps — sparsely populated. I’m sure we cut hundreds of miles that summer, all by hand — a small army of teenagers in the wilderness. No excuse for Fort Mac with all that heavy equipment around.