Fort McMurray Dashcam Footage

Mashable has a good collection.

  • Dana Garcia

    I’ve never has to run for my life from fire, but I did have my car loaded up and ready in 1991.

  • And from another link in the linked article: “’The increase in fire activity in Canada is due to human-caused climate change,’ he [climatologist Flannigan] said.”

    Let’s see, human-caused climate change. So how does a “global phenomenon” caused by humans everywhere “coincidentally” break out in the favourite target of climate fanatics everywhere? — Ft. McMurray the hub of the oilsands industry. Nothing about this was “human cased” unless the climate fanatics themselves lit the fires in that specific location.

    • ntt1

      exactly I do believe this horrible fire is human caused ,…by a progressive with a book of fair trade matches.

  • barryjr

    So PM Shithead says that the feds will match donations to the Red Cross, yet he spends billions of tax dollars, some of which were taken from the Fort Mc refugees, on refugees from another part of the world. Just goes to show the utter contempt PM Shithead has for western Canadians.

    • vimy

      Someone put this in the staff room where i work today and as I was leaving after my shift I stuck this on it over Syrian. I couldn’t help myself.