British universities lose grip on world university rankings ‘because they are forced to focus on diversity’

Britain’s best universities are slipping down university rankings because they are forced to focus on diversity and recruiting from disadvantaged backgrounds, experts say.

Top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, have been under huge political pressure to take on minority students after the Prime Minister, David Cameron, attacked them for racial bias and not working harder to broaden their student mix.

  • eMan14

    “Diversity” is dividing us. It’s making us weaker… it is killing us. Every time I hear of an institution or company having some kind of Diversity Office or Department, I want to puke.

    • Martin B

      What infuriates me is that all of those Diversity Consultants are making six figure salaries for spreading their poison.

  • Dana Garcia

    Diversity as a positive value — worst idea ever.

    • Dogandcat

      It’s usually “Diversity is our strength” which I suspect really means “diversity is my cash cow”.

  • Gary

    So the one thing we all have in common is that we are different which is what holds us together .

  • Hard Little Machine

    We’re only a few years behind them. All the SJW Ivies and private schools in the second tier are going to implode soon.

  • DD_Austin

    British universities were the first place “progressives” (stalins cold war minions)
    took over, A treacherous bunch of parasites that inflected the west

    They “educated” Pierre in “economics” Meet his “Professor”

    About time they were downgraded to the shitholes they are
    and some people think the west won the cold war, cause that’s what they teach

    • canminuteman

      Holy crap, the guy sounds like a laugh a minute. I encourage everyone here to take a look at this link.

  • canminuteman

    The gods of the copybook headings couldn’t be reached for comment.

  • Dogandcat

    Wonder where the real students with paying families are sending their kids now?