Tommy Robinson’s prison brawl

He claims moments before the fight he had been warned a group of Muslim prisoners had offered a reward for anyone who assaulted the ex-EDL leader. Robinson said: “I’m leaning up against the wall and a bloke comes stand next to me and he says: ‘Mate, you’re gonna get done with boiling water – £500, half-ounce of Spice [a psychoactive drug] and a mobile phone have been put up to have you done,’

“They put boiling water with sugar and it takes your face off.” He adds: “The prison system is plagued with… extremist Islam and Muslim gangs.”

h/t zd

  • Alain

    The state was hoping to do away with him this way. It didn’t work, but they didn’t give up.

    • Brett_McS

      The police got absolutely caned in the trial and now they are going to appeal.

  • k1962

    They all need to be in solitary. They’re like a disease that’ll spread.

  • G

    Tommy needs some lads on the outside to let the Mudslime prisoners know that if anything bad happens to Tommy on the inside…

    something 20 times worse will happen to the Mudslime’s entire family on the outside.