Secret German White Paper Reveals True Scale of Germany’s EU Army Ambitions

A secret German defence white paper calling for the acceleration of the formation of a joint European Union Army has been leaked, revealing German ambitions to side-line NATO by creating a pan-EU force.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Angela Merkel and other East Germans should have been banned from German politics for 50 years, it appears she and others are under the control of Russian masters.

    • Alain

      More like an attempt to resurrect the old Nazi ambition than anything else. Germany has used the EU to accomplish the same.

      • Miss Trixie

        I remember thinking, “Germany’s tried this before and as I recollect, it didn’t turn out well.”

        They haven’t learned a g*damned thing and sadly, history is poised to repeat itself.

      • Kell

        that’s EXACTLY what the muztard invasion is about, to do to the Jews what the rest don’t have the balls to attempt!
        Boy do they (muztards and eu) have a surprise coming!

  • canminuteman

    The only people a pan European army will be used against are Europeans.

    • WalterBannon

      That’s what Gestapos are for.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump would most likely welcome the assumption by the EU of the continent”s defense.

  • FactsWillOut

    Good. Then maybe NATO can go to war with the EU. It’s win/win.

  • ontario john

    Germany controlling the military in Europe. What could possibly go wrong?

    • JoKeR


      • WalterBannon

        Heil Merkel!!!

      • Kell

        the mo-tards will eat her first! then THEY’LL take Europe back!

  • WalterBannon

    “…revealing German ambitions to side-line democracy by creating a pan-EU Gestapo.”

  • Jaedo Drax

    Why bother, they keep running afoul of overtime laws…

    “sorry Putin, we can only fight for 12 days this month, then we have to go home because of the labour laws, please come back next month.”

    • Alain

      Putin is not their enemy. Other than being their own worst enemy, they need look no further than the hordes of Muslim invaders they have let in.

      • Kell

        I disagree, Putin is former Soviet KGB, long memories, those folks…I believe herr merkel hopes the muztards will do to the Jews what hitler couldn’t accomplish, she just hasn’t realized muz-tards can’t be controlled, not by her, anyway (the Russians and muz-tards are going to fight each other) once their (muztards) off the reservation, they STAY off the reservation….she also appears to have forgotten Israel has something Germany doesn’t, besides huge balls and some of the most beautiful women on the planet, nukes and a reason to use them if they must!
        There will be no 2nd Holocaust!
        Just an opinion, though.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    And just whom is going to pay for it? Norway can’t give their men 40 hours a week, Belgium the same, Germany’s not paid their NATO share in years. Can’t staff it, can’t pay for it, won’t use it where needed on, to quote Ace of Spades, uppity Arabs. Good luck.

  • Kell

    When the Soviets roll through Fulda they’ll all run and hide like the Iraqi “defense forces” did when isis came back home! Funny they couldn’t defend themselves in like….EVER!