Ontario taxpayers gave $163M to Liberal Party’s biggest corporate donor

The biggest corporate donor to the Ontario Liberal Party is also one of Ontario’s biggest recipients of taxpayer-funded corporate subsidies.

Research by CBC News reveals that GreenField Specialty Alcohols Inc. and its related companies have received more than $160 million in government support since the Liberal government created a dedicated fund for the ethanol industry.

We really should think about a name change to say “Haiti” soon.

  • ontario john

    But we love our elites here in Ontario. Today’s poll released on CP24 shows that the Wynne Liberals are gaining on Patrick Brown’s Conservatives. Only 5 percent now separate them. Expect another big Liberal victory when the election arrives.

    • Cripes.

    • Exactly.

      Write this province off.

    • k2

      Actually, if Brown’s non- conservative Conservative Party was elected, I think it would be even worse for the province than if Wynne wins yet again. A huge red Tory loss might (emphasis on “might”) just open a few eyes in the party and force them finally back to the right on a host of issues, which would be a very good thing. Or not. But because I personally feel so betrayed by the Ontario Conservatives, I am pulling for the Liberals this time around.

    • Alain

      From all I’ve read and heard I thought Patrick Brown belonged to the same party as Wynne.

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    $163,000,000 for what is essentially a $480,000 investment in the form of ‘donations’?

    Who wouldn’t want a 30,000% (!!!!!) return on their investment?!?!

    Good grief!!

    • Yusuf_al_Kafir


      Again, good grief!!

  • WalterBannon

    Sounds like payolla.

    Wonder what our corrupt and crooked OPP have to say?

    They love payolla.