Marine Le Pen blasts ‘outrageous’ meddling Merkel

France’s Marine Le Pen has scolded the “outrageous” Angela Merkel after the German chancellor vowed to help make sure the far-right National Front leader never becomes president.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday she would do what she can to help curb the rise of France’s National Front
(FN), as support surges for far-right parties across Europe.

“I will make my contribution towards ensuring that other political forces are stronger than the National Front,” she told students attending the French high school in Berlin.

Merkel, who rarely comments on neighbouring France’s political scene, said that in Germany too, the rise of the far-right was a phenomenon that “we have to deal with”.

  • mobuyus

    Deal with islam first and all the rest goes away.

    • Deal with Merkel at the same time.

      • Martin B

        Preferably with a rope and a tree.

      • mobuyus

        They’re beginning to look one and the same.

  • JoKeR

    France’s Marine Le Pen should be careful when dealing with Angela Merkel and her ambitions.

    • Martin B

      Marine Le Pen, who is fighting harder than anyone to stop this evil hag from ruling over France and all of Europe, is the Nazi. Go figure.

  • G

    “German chancellor vowed to help make sure the far-right National Front leader never becomes president.”

    Obama tries to influence British decision on EU membership.

    Mind your own business elitist bastards.

    • Alain

      Foreign leftist influence and funding in our latest election worked wonders, didn’t it?

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Stupid people are going to reap what they’ve voted for.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Fraulein Merkel. Muzzie rape gang.

  • WalterBannon

    Merkel is the new nazi Fuhrer

  • AK Lonsdale

    I don’t know how this lady figures Europeans especially Germans will put up with this shit forever.

  • John

    Back in the 60s Merkel’s family were well positioned within the communist régime. They had, for example, the unlimited use of TWO cars at a time when most East Germans couldn’t afford a moped.

    She is, at heart, an old authoritarian Bolshevik and we see evidence of those character traits everywhere now.