Illegal Alien invaders get Pakistani chef amid ‘bad’ Italian food revolt

A Pakistani chef has been brought in to cater for 200 people living at a refugee centre in Emilia-Romagna, after they protested over the poor quality of the Italian food on offer.

The new appointment comes after protests last Wednesday, during which 30 refugees from the Coop Dimora d’Abramo refugee centre in Reggio Emilia occupied their local police headquarters complaining the food they were served was “no good” and “cooked badly”, Il Resto del Carlino reported.

In the wake of the protests, the traditional Italian trattoria which currently prepares the meals, Il Locomotore, has promised to do more to satisfy the refugees’ tastes.

  • Martin B

    Right. Italians don’t know a thing about good food.

    Everything the Muzz say, think, and do makes me hate them more.

  • felis gracilis

    These mutts are guests of the state and complaining about free food from one of the great food cultures of Europe. if it’s so bad for you, go back home!

    • They should.

    • Will Quest

      Pearls before swines…… ooops that’s not HALAL !

  • marty_p

    Let me guess the chef they hired was Babu Bhatt:

  • xavier

    Personally I’d tell the refugee eat or starve. Better yet the food that goes to the refugee centres should be given to poor or struggling least they’ll appreciate the good food.

    Lastly., the next food riot and i’don’t pack them off on boats and send them back to Libya. There they won’the bitches about the food

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The Italians make hundreds of different kinds of pasta.
      The muslims make couscous.
      1400 years and all they’ve come up with is pebble shit flour balls.

  • Spatchcocked

    What kind of gormless social workers are in charge now times?

  • APL

    Is there no Italian translation of “Never give a mouse a cookie” ?

    • Petrilia

      Or don’t let the camel in your tent….

  • The Butterfly

    If you have time to complain about the food you aren’t a real refugee.

    • jim marriot

      None of them are. Literally or legally.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    In a just world they would all be smothered with overcooked pasta for such arrogant ingratitude. I’m assuming this food is FREE, for f*** sake! WTF is wrong with Italy?

    May the new “Pakistani chef” over-spice the food and make them all come down with raging cases of the “burning ring of fire”.

  • Ed

    Oh they’re going to make great citizens.