Canada’s immigration system about to get more lax

On Tuesday, Auditor General Michael Ferguson reported that hundreds of immigrants to Canada used fraud to obtain citizenship.

And since Ferguson’s number – 700 bogus new Canadians – is based on a relatively small sampling of immigration applications, the actual number is likely in the thousands or even tens of thousands.

  • Dana Garcia

    Plus, Obasma and Little Justin probably have a secret bet on who can admit the most Syrian Muslims.

    Diversity, woo hoo!

  • FunkyWinkerbeans

    Now that they have been caught, anyone want to take bets they still walk away scot free, no repercussions?

  • JoKeR

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • I think I saw those guys on the Danforth last week.

      • Gary

        I lived in the Danforth area that’s the area of Layton’s MP seat but back in the 60’s-70’s it’s wasn’t a Middle east hell-hole with pro-Taliban pedophilies that want to kill jews and gays.

        There was a bombing in the lower garage area of a tall Apartment tower in Little-Afghanistan but the Police and Media covered it up as an Electrical fire .
        This ruse didn’t fool me because not one Hydro vehicle was there on top of the fact that black smoke seeped out of the cracked foundation from the gasoline and burning cars.

        When was the last time a Building code for a large dwelling was given such a poor over stressed Power System that during the testing it exploded with such a force it cracked a 2 foot thick poured concrete wall and foundation …….yet was still approved by Hydro in a Tower dwelling for over 500 people.

        It was a Terrorist attack to bring down the apartment in a pro-Taliban area with devout muslims that even cheered when the Buhdist statutes were blown up back home in Afghanistan . Then came 9/11 when their Taliban buddies back home aided in the slaughtering of 24 Canadian’s. Don’t forget the the Toronto-18 mass slaughter plot was hatched by a Afghani muslims and several Pakistani muslim youth BORN here.
        The muslims said that they wanted to do it because Chretien had troops in Afghanistan that were killing their Muslim brothers in the Taliban.

        Justin is a moron and will get thousands of us killed for his Liberal values because he’s letting in islamists that want us dead along with the gays killed too.

  • Frances

    And how many of these own homes in the greater Vancouver area?

    • John Boy

      How many are given free houses from Raising the Roof who seems to prefer non-whites.

  • k1

    and they are ALL stalking me I bet!

  • k1

    ah heck! we’ve been screwing up since WW11 …. I’m advocating an all out BAN OF IMMIGRATION TILL Orqanized Crime is GONE!

    • John Boy

      It’ll never happen. They multiply like rabbits unlike us.