Winning ‘Draw Mohammed’ Picture Goes Up On eBay

My name is Bosch Fawstin and I’m a recovered Muslim. Shortly after my Mohammad cartoon was announced as the winner of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s AFDI Draw Mohammad contest event and exhibition in Garland Texas, two jihadists came to try to murder the approximately 200 people who attended the event. They would have succeeded if not for a heroic, sharp-shooting policeman who blew their heads off before they could even enter the building. The attack and event became an international news story and my life has never been the same since. Following the attack, I received more death threats than I ever had, even though I’ve been drawing Mohammad for years. But despite the danger, I want to continue drawing Mohammad. These days, there are fewer cartoonists willing to draw “He Who Must Not Be Drawn,” and, for me, that’s just more reason to do so, especially in a world where Free Speech is under siege from all sides.

  • Brett_McS

    The bidding is a bit out of my league. Perhaps Donald Trump …

    • Framed in Gold!

    • Ain’t free enterprise great.

      American oil men break up OPEC.

      And now Mohammad cartoons are worth thousands.

      With demand like that, hopefully there will be lots more.

      Poke Islam. It is a glass house. A hard cartoon may bring it down.

      • Walt

        Bob – “And now Mohammad cartoons are worth thousands.” Perhaps in the mind of the artist, but at least in this instance not to the market. With 37 bids so far, the reserve hasn’t been met. Indicates to me the reserve of $10 000 is wishful thinking and the buy it now price – $249,999 totally delusional. From the ebay ad: ‘Invest in a piece of history.’ How sad..

        • Brett_McS

          Art is always worth more when the artist is dead …

          • Reader

            There was a bid for $10,000 and it still had “not met the reserve price”.

            Now I see the item has been removed from ebay though the reason why is not been given.

            I presume it was due to complaints.

        • Who cares what the price is.

          The “Islamic awareness” factor is priceless.

  • Gary

    Islam is a religion of peace and he should have known not to provoke peaceful muslims now bent on killing him for drawing the cartoon claiming islam is NOT a religion of peace .

  • Dave In Guelph